Adding Animations to the HUD/Mat

Adding Animations to Combo HUD/Mat

1) Get Organized
a) Create a folder in your inventory for your upgrade materials
b) Copy or move the raw animations you want to use into this folder.
NOTE: If the animations are inside poseballs, you must pull them out. Do not include any objects are scripts from the poseball. Just the animations.
c) Make two new notecards. Name one .MENUITEMS.custom and .POSITIONS.custom
d) In the .MENUITEMS.custom, include

POSE PoseName | animation | animation

e) For every couple animation you want to add include a separate pose line.
EXAMPLE: To add a couple animation named Hug 5 which has a male animation named ani_Hug 5_m1 and a female animation ani_Hug 5_f1, add the following to the .MENUITEMS.custom notecard:

POSE Hug 5 | ani_Hug 5_m1 | ani_Hug 5_f1

f) In the .POSITIONS.custom, include

{PoseName} <0.0,0.0,1.5> <0.0,0.0,0.0> <0.0,0.0,1.5> <0.0,0.0,-180.0>

2) Add contents of upload folder to HUD/Mat.
a) Place HUD/Mat on the ground and right-click to Edit.
b) Open Content tab.
c) Drag the animations from your inventory into the content tab
d) Drag the notecards (.MENUITEMS.custom and .POSITIONS.custom) into the content tab.

3) Restart the HUD/Mat
a) Touch to launch the menu
b) Select Options
c) Select Shutdown
d) Select Restart

4) Set positions for newly added animations
a) Touch to launch the menu
b) Select Custom menu
c) Select the animation.
d) Sit on the poseballs
e) Select Options
f) Select Adjust Pos. Edit the positioning rods and move you and your partner into position so that the animation looks right.
g) When you are satisfied, select Save Pos
h) The HUD/Mat will chat the position. Look in your chat history and copy the portion of the chat that looks like:
{animation} <-0.0,-0.0,2.0> <0.0,0.0,0.0> <0.0,-0.0,2.0> <0.0,0.0,-180.0>

i) Edit the HUD/Mat and open the .POSITIONS.custom notecard from the contents tab. Paste the position into it. Then save

5) Enjoy your new animations!

***If the HUD/Mat is not responding when you touch it, try resetting the scripts. Edit the object, then (in the SL client) go to menu Tools > Reset Scripts in Selection.

If you have any questions, please Sin Toshi